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Harmonizing Outcome Measures Using the Outcome Measures Framework – Open Door Forum

Please join us for a web-based open forum to discuss a new AHRQ-funded effort to harmonize outcome measures for patient registries using the Outcome Measures Framework (OMF).  The forums will be held on Tuesday, December 13th at 1 pm ET and Thursday, December 15th at 12 pm ET. We hope you can attend one of them.

Significant variation exists in both the types and definition of outcome measures used in patient registries, even within the same clinical area. This variation reduces the utility of registries, making it more difficult to compare, link, and aggregate data across the spectrum of clinical care and reporting. To address this variation, AHRQ developed the Outcome Measures Framework (OMF), a generic content model for developing harmonized outcome measures in specific disease areas. AHRQ is now assessing the feasibility of using the OMF to develop standardized libraries of outcome measures in five condition areas.

During the open forum, the project team will describe the need for harmonized outcome measures, discuss how outcome measures can be classified and ultimately harmonized using the OMF, and outline the planned approach to developing the standardized data libraries.  Participants will be asked for input on the planned approach to harmonization, how libraries of outcome measures should be disseminated, and how they may be used in new research. You will also learn more about how you or your organization can play a role in this effort.

To register, please click on one of the links below (note, it is not necessary to attend both forums):


Please contact the project team with any questions at