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Browse or use the search box below to see suggestions submitted by others. Click on the text link to read the full suggestion. Suggestions are presented as they were submitted and are not edited. See Search for Guides, Reviews, and Reports for research in progress and final reports.

Suggestions that have completed the Program's selection process are identified by a topic suggestion disposition (PDF). Suggestions submitted prior to 2008 were reviewed under a different process and disposition reports may not be available.


Mar. 19, 2010

Whether Epidural use to contain the labor pay would result in women's memory loss over a longer-term period

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Mar. 9, 2010

Autism Speaks submitted a nomination on treatments for autism spectrum disorders and it was forwarded to an EPC who was refining a related topic nomination. Three primary areas of the Autism Speaks ...

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Feb. 17, 2010

For patients with mobility limitations but who have trunk stability and upper body strength, what is the comparative risk and benefits of adopting a self-managed bedside commode system versus older as ...

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Feb. 13, 2010

adenomatous polyposis coli have a key role on brain synaptogenesis, neurons.axons,dendrites formation,and several others function.Mutation of that gene causes brain lesion or even toumors on gardner's ...

Feb. 11, 2010

For hospital acquired infections, how can we greatly reduce hospital bacterial contamination and acquired infections by breaking the chain of infection? Can we proactively prevent source viral, biolo ...

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Feb. 8, 2010

Many physicians will state "Pulmonary Hypertension" as the nature of a patient's illness with the underlying meaning of "Right-sided Heart involvement". What is the comparative risks associated with t ...

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Feb. 3, 2010

For clients diagnosed with HF what is the latest evidence based care proptocol for collaborative management of HF clients transitioning from acute care setting to home health care?

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Feb. 3, 2010

For women who have pap exams, what is the effectivenes of the various testing techniques to diagnose precancerous or cancerous cervical lesions?

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Jan. 25, 2010

Treating Adult Obesity - Which specific dietary strategies (with and without medication), behavioral treatment approaches, and physical activity approaches work? In a direct comparison, which is m ...

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Jan. 21, 2010

Screening and Behavioral Counseling Interventions in Primary Care to Reduce Alcohol Misuse Is there direct evidence that the combination of screening and behavioral counseling interventions for alc ...

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Jan. 21, 2010

For asymptomatic adults (excludes HIV-positive persons, transplant recipients and patients with renal failure) and asymptomatic pregnant women: Does screening for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection ...

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Jan. 14, 2010

The risks and benefits of using the KDQOL-SF 36; a review of it's current uses, applications and mis-uses (ie/ intrepreting a correlational effect as causal, effective interventions, and if none are f ...

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Jan. 7, 2010

Fact: all psychiatry is subjective, no blood tests nor MRIs or EEGs prove any exist but in degrees away from "normal" as determined by a psychiatrist. However: Mt Sinai, VCU, U of Wisconsin, UCSF an ...

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Jan. 6, 2010

Please help find something to ease my mothers pain with restless leg syndrome? It has bothered her for over 30 years and now is almost unbearable at 78 years old. It has really diminished her joy in l ...

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View Project Status

View Topic Suggestion Disposition (PDF) 142 kB

View Topic Suggestion Disposition (PDF) 142 kB

Jan. 5, 2010

For patients with non-Hodgkins lymphoma receiving chemotherapy after surgery, what are the comparative risks and benefits of receiving additional chemotherapy cycles after tests show no remaining canc ...

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Jan. 5, 2010

genetic markers for obesity, do they exist? If so, testing early in childhood so parents can help them see as disease and treat effectively. Could the genetic marker be "contained" or "deactivated" in ...

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Dec. 15, 2009

For women with dysfunctional uterine bleeding not due to fibroids, what are the comparative benefits and harms of hormonal treatments (including L-IUS intrauterine hormonal treatment), ablative approa ...

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Dec. 8, 2009

Researching the effectiveness and other applicipable factors (side effects etc.) involved with the use of Natto as an alternative to Warfin etc. for blood thining and clot prevention. Include use of t ...

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Dec. 7, 2009

What is the comparative effectiveness and harms of treatments for traumatic brain injury? Preliminary Key Questions 1. What is the comparative effectiveness of the treatments for TBI for grades ...

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Dec. 4, 2009

What is the comparative effectiveness of the MIST low-frequency ultrasound therapy with or without debridement and cleaning versus negative pressure wound therapy (Wound V.A.C.). If one modality is ...

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Nov. 29, 2009

Is there myocardial involvement in patients with statin induced myopathy?

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Nov. 23, 2009

We are interested in the evidentiary foundation of various screening and diagnosis guidelines focusing on wellness and early identification of health and developmental concerns in children and adolesc ...

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Nov. 23, 2009

We are interested in a study of existing state Medicaid data of EPSDT services to assess the application and variation of EPSDT across states. We are interested in knowing: 1) the variability in app ...

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View Topic Suggestion Disposition (PDF) 143 kB

Nov. 23, 2009

We are interested in the comparative effectiveness of different preventative health screening tools for early diagnosis of health and developmental concerns in children. We are particularly intereste ...

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Nov. 19, 2009

How to relieve pain caused by arthritis? In asking around I discovered that a friends mother in Hawaii uses a copper band around here ankle. When the skin is discolored by the copper, the pain i ...

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