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Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs in Children With Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

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Results From Evaluation of JIA Assessment Instruments (2 of 2)

The Child Health Assessment Questionnaire, the CHAQ, was the most frequently evaluated instrument, with 25 studies and 13,374 patients. The CHAQ demonstrates moderate correlation with other measures of disease activity (validity), moderate to strong inter-rater reliability, and poor responsiveness that is sensitive to baseline disease severity.

The Child Health Questionnaire was examined in five studies with a combined total of 4,687 patients. Validity assessment revealed moderate correlation with disease-activity measurements and physical components of the CHAQ and poor correlation with the psychosocial domains of CHAQ. Reliability was moderate to strong for inter-rater evaluation of the physical components but was poor for the psychosocial domains. Responsiveness was poor. The Pediatric Quality of Life Inventories for rheumatology (PedsQL and PedsQL-RM) were examined in two studies of 173 patients. The evidence was insufficient to determine validity, but reliability was moderate to strong for inter-rater assessment of the physical components and poor for the psychosocial domains. The evidence was insufficient to assess responsiveness.