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Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Findings Related to Predictors of SMBP Adherence, Types of SMBP Monitors, and Correlation Between BP Control and Clinical Outcomes

For predictors of SMBP adherence, a single study of Korean Americans was eligible for inclusion in the review. Older age was independently associated with greater adherence to SMBP monitoring, and the presence of depression was independently associated with lower adherence. Other tested factors were not associated with adherence. As data are limited to that of a single study, the strength of evidence was insufficient regarding predictors of adherence with SMBP monitoring.

Studies comparing SMBP monitors that were of a priori interest to the reviewers could not be identified. The evidence comparing SMBP monitors was, therefore, rated as insufficient.

For correlation between BP control and clinical and surrogate outcomes, a single study was eligible for inclusion. The study provided no data on number of patients who achieved BP control or other relevant data. The evidence is, therefore, insufficient to determine how achieving BP control relates to clinical and surrogate outcomes under an SMBP monitoring regime.