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Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Self-measured Blood Pressure Monitoring

This slide set is based on a comparative effectiveness review titled Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring, which was developed by Tufts Evidence-based Practice Center, Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA, for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) under Contract No. HHSA 290-2007-10055-I and is available online at

Comparative effectiveness reviews (CERs) are comprehensive systematic reviews of the literature that usually compare two or more types of interventions with usual care for the same disease. For this CER, the existing body of evidence on the relative benefits of self-measured blood pressure (SMBP) monitoring, compared to usual care, in the management of hypertension was reviewed. The literature included in this review was identified in searches for studies that included terms for self-measurement, home measurement, telemonitoring, self-care, and relevant research designs. Studies of adults and children were included. Searches were conducted for studies published through July 19, 2011. The review addressed SMBP monitoring performed by the patient or caregiver at home. It did not include monitoring done at the office/clinic/pharmacy or health unit at work, nor did it include BP monitoring done by nurses or other healthcare professionals at home. Additionally, the review did not address pregnant women or individuals with hypertension who were on dialysis.