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Diagnosis and Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Adults

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Effectiveness of Phased Testing and Preoperative Screening

The evidence did not permit an estimation of the utility of phased testing followed by full testing (when indicated) to diagnose sleep apnea. Only one study that met the inclusion criteria addressed this question. This prospective study did not fully analyze phased testing and not all participants received full testing by polysomnography (PSG). The evidence also did not permit an estimation of the effectiveness of mandatory screening for OSA with respect to postoperative outcomes. Two prospective studies assessed the effect of preoperative screening for sleep apnea on surgical outcomes. One study of patients undergoing bariatric surgery  found no significant differences in outcomes between patients who had mandatory PSG or PSG based on clinical parameters. A second study of general surgery patients found that perioperative complications were more likely to occur among patients willing to undergo preoperative PSG, possibly suggesting that patients willing to undergo PSG are more ill than other patients.