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Comparing Medications for Adults With Type 2 Diabetes

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Gaps in Knowledge

This updated systematic review synthesized the current literature about the comparative effectiveness and safety of diabetes medications when used as monotherapy and in  two-drug combinations. A few deficiencies were identified in the published literature that need to be addressed by future research to meet the decisionmaking needs of  patients, providers, and policymakers. Studies are needed to address the efficacy of treatments for patients with type 2 diabetes who have varying levels of underlying  cardiovascular and renal disease, for people of different ethnic groups, or people with variant forms of type 2 diabetes. Additional comparative studies are needed that address comparisons of newer medications, combinations with basal or premixed insulin and MET or other antidiabetic agents, and additional two-drug combinations. Sufficient data on event rates are needed to analyze major clinically important outcomes, adverse events, and long-term complications of type 2 diabetes.