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Traumatic Brain Injury and Depression

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Key Question 2 — Screening for Depression After Traumatic Brain Injury

Key Question 2 aimed to identify the timing of screening for depression, which screening tools to use, and the optimal setting for screening to occur. No distinct trend was observed to suggest a peak time of enhanced risk or a related priority window for screening. Prevalence of depression is higher in all time frames than would be expected from population-based estimates. No evidence provides a basis for targeting screening to one time frame over another. Because of this, it may be advisable to screen frequently until evidence becomes available to better target timing of evaluations or to confirm that risk is elevated and stays elevated relative to the general population. Overall, the quality of studies that compare tools is poor. Thus, there is insufficient evidence on which to base conclusions about selection of screening methods. The evidence is also insufficient to determine whether tools for detecting depression that have been validated in other populations appropriately identify individuals with depression after a TBI.