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Comparative Effectiveness and Safety of Radiotherapy Treatments for Head and Neck Cancer

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Evidence on the Comparative Effectiveness Regarding Quality of Life and Adverse Events: 3DCRT vs. 2DRT

Four studies reported on late xerostomia with a range of differences between 3DCRT and 2DRT of 15 to 48 percentage points, except one study that favored 2DRT by 10 percentage points. Only one result was statistically significant.

• One study compared quality-of-life outcomes between 3DCRT and 2DRT but did not report a statistical comparison.

• Acute xerostomia, acute mucositis, late mucositis, acute dysphagia, acute skin toxicity, late skin toxicity, and late osteoradionecrosis, and bone toxicity were reported in a few studies; differences between 3DCRT and 2DRT were small and not statistically significant, not exceeding a difference of 9 percentage points.

• The available literature is of insufficient quantity and quality to ascertain whether there are differences in quality of life or adverse events, including late xerostomia, between 3DCRT and 2DRT.