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Comparative Effectiveness and Safety of Radiotherapy Treatments for Head and Neck Cancer

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Studies Regarding Late Xerostomia: IMRT vs. 2DRT

Adverse event comparisons that reported numerical differences in incidence of late xerostomia for patients receiving either IMRT or 2DRT are presented graphically in this slide. Consistent between-group differences were found for two outcomes: late xerostomia and health-related quality-of-life domains related to xerostomia. Nine studies reported on late xerostomia, and eight were statistically significant in favor of IMRT. Among the six studies that reported frequency, shown above, the range of differences between IMRT and 2DRT was 43 to 62 percentage points. Data not shown:

• Because of the variation in the proportion of studies with statistically significant between-group differences for each adverse event or outcome considered and the quality or limitations of the specific studies involved, conclusions could be drawn only regarding the impact of IMRT versus 2DRT on late xerostomia incidence and quality-of-life domains related to xerostomia.

• No between-group differences were statistically significant for the following outcomes: late mucositis, acute skin toxicity, and late osteoradionecrosis and bone toxicity, and locoregional control.