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Insulin Delivery and Glucose Monitoring Methods for Diabetes Mellitus: Comparative Effectiveness

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What To Discuss With Your Patients and Their Caregivers (1 of 2)

Things you should discuss with your patients and their caregivers regarding insulin delivery and glucose monitoring strategies in the management of diabetes include:

  • The nature of his/her diabetes and the potential role of insulin therapy in its treatment
  • The role of other lifestyle changes in managing the patient’s diabetes
  • The importance of glycemic control in the management of diabetes
  • The role of routine blood glucose monitoring in maintaining appropriate glycemic control and in managing diabetes
  • The importance of having a sick-day regimen in order to avoid extreme hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic episodes in times of illness or inability to eat, which might include instructions to the patient or the parent of a child with diabetes on how to modify monitoring of glucose levels and administration of insulin based on changes in eating and activity
  • The available strategies for insulin delivery and blood glucose monitoring