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Treatment Options for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Variability in Prevalence, Clinical Identification, and Treatment of ADHD in Children (2 of 5)

The information in this slide lists conclusions on the variability in prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of ADHD in children associated with potential moderating factors. For these conclusions, the literature was searched using the methodology of a systematic review; however, the selection of papers for inclusion was not subject to the same constraints as the rest of the report. Other relevant papers were added via peer review feedback. These findings were included to provide context, and any studies considered pertinent to the topic of variability in ADHD prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment were included.

Service Provider

  • Providers vary in their level of expertise in diagnosing ADHD, as well as in familiarity with screening instruments and classification systems.


  • Rates of diagnosis vary considerably due to cultural context. Some ethnicities are more likely to seek help or accept the diagnosis than others.
  • The sociocultural experience of the parent or teacher informant may influence interpretation and reporting of behaviors, willingness and persistence in seeking professional help, and/or acceptance of treatment modalities.