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Noncyclic Chronic Pelvic Pain Therapies for Women

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Clinical Questions Addressed by the CER (2 of 2)

In preparing the report on which this CME activity is based, the authors aimed to answer seven Key Questions (KQs). KQs 3–5 are listed below:

KQ 3: What is the evidence that surgical outcomes differ if the etiology of noncyclic/mixed cyclic and noncyclic CPP is identified after surgery?

KQ4: Among women with noncyclic/mixed cyclic and noncyclic CPP, what is the effect of non-surgical interventions on pain status, functional status, satisfaction with care, quality of life, and harms?

KQ 5: What is the evidence for choosing one intervention over another to treat persistent or recurrent noncyclic/mixed cyclic and noncyclic CPP after an initial intervention fails to achieve target outcome(s)?