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Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring

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Background: Aims of using SMBP Monitoring in the Management of Hypertension

The proposed advantages of using SMBP monitoring to manage hypertension are:

Avoiding undertreatment of hypertension — SMBP monitoring can provide more frequent BP measurements. If transmitted to the health care provider, this can permit more rapid adjustments in antihypertensive medication and more effective BP control.

Enhancing patient self-participation in disease management and adherence to lifestyle and pharmacological interventions — long-term adherence to lifestyle modification strategies and antihypertensive medication is a key challenge in hypertension management. SMBP monitoring may help address this challenge by enhancing patient participation in disease management.

Avoiding overtreatment in patients with lower BP outside the clinic than in it — SMBP may be useful in identifying individuals with white coat hypertension, orthostatic BP changes, or hypotensive episodes from medication and thereby prevent overtreatment in these individuals.