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Synthesizing the Outputs of Deliberative Forum

Julia Abelson, PhD
Department of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario CANADA

Slide 27

Linking deliberation objectives to outputs

  • What is the expected deliverable of the deliberation?
    • To elicit values to inform a decision-making process?
    • To provide recommendations?
    • To evaluate policy options?

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How will deliberation outputs be synthesized? (1)

Two strategies:

  1. Internally-driven synthesis: an explicit product of deliberation
    • synthesis is incorporated into the deliberation (e.g., following small group discussions)
    • requires adequate time and skilled facilitation
    • increases the legitimacy of the outputs

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How will deliberation outputs be synthesized? (2)

2. Externally-driven synthesis: an inferred product which follows deliberation

    • allows for specialist skills to be employed to produce a comprehensive synthesis
    • removes synthesis activities and control over outputs from participants
    • ratification of outputs with participants can improve the legitimacy of this approach