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Department of Health and Human Services

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Jyoti Gupta, MPH,
Senior Public Engagement Associate
Public Agenda

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Promising Practices for Effective Facilitation

An effective facilitator…

  • Remains impartial about the subject
  • Models cooperative attitudes and skills
  • Does not take on an “expert” role
  • Keeps people focused and on track without being rigid
  • Asks good questions at the right times
  • Encourages deeper reflection
  • Helps people negotiate differences, identify common ground and establish priorities for action

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Six Facilitator Choices

  • As a “reaction” question
  • As a new starting question
  • Let there be silence
  • Move on
  • Paraphrase
  • Ask a “probing” or “follow-up” question

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Planning Considerations

  • Who will you ask to facilitate deliberation?
  • How will facilitators be trained?
  • What are the expected facilitation tasks and responsibilities, and how will these contribute to the ultimate goal of deliberation?