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Educating Session Participants

Susan Dorr Goold, MD, MHSA, MA
Professor of Internal Medicine and
Health Management and Policy
University of Michigan

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Educating Session Participants

  • Deliberative procedures usually inform, educate participants
  • Materials should be comprehensible, engaging
    • Can measure perceived or actual changes in knowledge and understanding

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Independence and Credibility

  • Independence and credibility
    • Applies to all materials, not just education/information, e.g., how task is described, how policy question is framed.
    • Methods used:
      • Conflicting experts, with questioning by participants
        • Problem – may assume adversarial positions
      • Pretesting, cognitive testing before using materials
      • Open-ended questioning, debriefing after using materials
        • E.g., “Did you have all the choices/information you would want?” “Did you trust Expert #1? #2?”
      • Measure perceived independence, adequacy of information