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AHRQ--Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: Advancing Excellence in Health Care

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Deliberative Methods Experiment

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Community Forum

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Background & objectives of experiment

  • Background
    • Started in August 2010
    • Literature review, Technical Expert Panel, formative research to inform approach
  • Objectives
    • Expand the evidence base on public deliberation
    • Obtain public input on the use of evidence in healthcare decision-making

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Deliberative topic in detail: use of evidence in healthcare decision-making

  • Inform AHRQ’s approaches to dissemination and guidance about comparative effectiveness research (CER) evidence
  • Addresses fundamental tensions in healthcare
    • Appropriate roles and responsibilities of providers, patients, payers, purchasers, and the government
    • Individual liberties vs. shared responsibilities and impact
    • When oversight and regulation are necessary
    • Actors that are trustworthy to the public

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Overview of experiment

  • RCT comparing education-only control and 5 deliberative methods
    • Brief Citizens’ Deliberation
    • Community Deliberation
    • In-Person Deliberative Polling®
    • Online Deliberative Polling®
    • Citizens’ Panel
  • 4 locations: DC, Chicago, Sacramento, Raleigh-Durham
  • 76 deliberative groups; 1,296 participants
    • Inclusion of AHRQ’s priority populations: elderly Medicare, African American women, non-urban, and bilingual Latino
    • Education level diversity sought

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Evaluation – key outcomes of interest

  • Knowledge
    • Of CER, quality of care, generation of medical evidence
  • Attitudes

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Next steps and information to look for