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Partnering with Patients to Disseminate Research Products
Lawrence Sadwin

October, 13 2011

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Partnering with Patients to Disseminate Research Products

  • Relationships with patient and consumer organizations create channels for disseminating results
  • Establishing trust is essential to effective dissemination

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Suggestions for Effective Dissemination

  • Begin thinking early in the research process about the target audience for the end product
  • Establish why the information is important for them
  • Decide on a key message and make it easy to remember
  • Be as direct as possible in the message
    • (e.g., “this does not work,” “this can hurt you”)

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Suggestions for Effective Dissemination

  • Produce information in a way that is very accessible to consumers
  • Make it as easy as possible for organizations and individuals to disseminate information
  • Partner with known and trusted organizations

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Case Study

American Heart Association Activities

Lawrence Sadwin

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Photograph of a sign: The sign says: "Caution, this sign has sharp edges. Do not touch the edges of this sign. Also, the bridge is out ahead."

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Photograph: Photograph of a woman with a bypass scar. Words next to the image say "Now that we've got your attention, do you know the signs of a heart attack."
American Heart Association.

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Example #1

Lifestyle Change,
Primary & Secondary Prevention

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  • Choose to Move
  • Heart Profilers
  • MyLifeCheck

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Image: Screenshot of Choose to Move website.

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Image: Screenshot of Heart Profilers website.

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Image: Screenshot of 'small steps to BIG changes' of the My Life Check website.

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Example #2

Emergency Cardiac Care

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Emergency Cardiac Care

Use “Sticky Messages”

  • 15:2
  • Stayin’ Alive (the BeeGees)
  • Push Hard and Fast in the Center

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Photograph: Photo of various chests with the words "Learn hands-only CPR on the body you want your hands on."

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Example #3

Stroke Care

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Photos and logos for the Get with the Guidelines program. Photos include an ambulance and a map of the U.S. Images include logos for Get With the Guidelines, the Joint Commission Quality Approval, and Power to End Stroke.

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State Stroke Systems

  • EMS & Pre-Hospital
  • Acute Care
  • Secondary Intervention
  • Rehabilitation

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Tell the Public

Image: Screenshot of the Warning Signs website.

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Measuring Progress

Indicator Baseline
(from baseline to now )

Coronary Heart Disease Deaths/100,000





Stroke Deaths/100,000





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Informing Healthcare

Two mouse clicks

  • Healthcare/Researchers

Photograph: Image of 5 health care professionals, with the words 'Focus on Quality, Learn More'

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  • Develop ongoing relationships with Patient and Consumer organizations
  • Involve patients and consumer representatives early in the process
  • Disseminate information in easy-to read formats & through multiple channels