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Submit a Suggestion for a New Evidence Review

The Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) Program reviews the available evidence on current health care tests, treatments, and methods of health care delivery and describes their advantages or disadvantages. These reviews are based on relevant published and unpublished scientific literature and provide comprehensive, science-based information to consumers, clinicians, and policymakers. Evidence reviews can help patients make better decisions about their health care options and can help clinicians and policymakers understand the benefits and harms of different tests and treatments.

Before you get started

When you submit a suggestion, you are nominating a potential topic for a future evidence review and subsequent translation products produced by the Effective Health Care (EHC) Program. If you want to read more about how to suggest a topic for an evidence review or learn about how a suggested evidence review topic is chosen, please go to Who Is Involved in the Effective Health Care Program. In this section of the EHC Program Web site, you may also read topics that were suggested by others or view an example of a completed topic nomination form. Your suggested topic as well as responses to the nomination questions (except personal identification information) will be posted for others to view in the Read Suggested Topics for Evidence Review section of the EHC Program Web site.

If you are interested in submitting ideas for primary research funding, please go to Funding Opportunities.

To nominate a topic for research

Please fill in the form below as completely as possible and click on "submit" at the end. If you prefer, you may fill out the Microsoft Word format (.doc) version of the form and e-mail the completed form to, or you may print out the completed form and mail it to:

Kara Winchell, M.A.
AHRQ Effective Health Care Program
c/o Portland VA Medical Center (R&D 71)
3710 SW U.S. Veterans Hospital Road
Portland, OR 97239

If you have any supporting documents you would like to include with your nomination, you can include them (if mailing), send them as additional attachments (if e-mailing), or upload them while submitting the online form. All topic nominations, including those submitted on paper, will appear in the read suggested topics for research section.

Topic Nomination 1. Your Nomination — It is most helpful to the EHC Program to receive the following information about your topic nomination:
  • A description of a question or questions about a health care test or treatment, including any specific tests or treatments that you would like compared. For example, "For adult patients with a major depressive disorder (MDD), what are the comparative risks and benefits of older versus newer antidepressants?"
  • Relevant patients, group(s) or subgroups of people. This may include details such as age range, gender, coexisting diagnoses, and reasons for therapy.
  • The important health-related benefits and harms you are interested in, for example, improvements in symptoms or problems with diagnosis.
Importance 2. Describe why this topic is important.
Potential Impact 3. How will an answer to your research question be used or help inform decisions for you or your group?

Impact of EHC Research 4. The EHC Program appreciates the opportunities to collaborate with other organizations who can implement research findings whether through guidelines, decision support, education, or new research. Are there organizations that could use the research finding to change clinical practice? Are you a part of or have you been in contact with any organizations who might implement the research findings? This information is for internal discussion and will not be displayed on the EHC Program Web site. Examples include:


  • American Heart Association
  • American College of Cardiologists
  • Mental Health America
  • Association of American Indian Physicians
  • Depression and Related Affective Disorders Association
  • Gerontological Society of America
Supporting Document
(Select "Browse..." to upload a file. Only *.DOCX, *.DOC, *.XLSX, *.XLS, or *.PDF files can be uploaded. Limit size is 50MBs.)

Nominator Information 5. In order to help us to understand the context of your health care question, it would be helpful to know more about you. The answers you give will not influence the progress of your suggestion.

Provide a description of your role or perspective: (e.g. patient/consumer, physician, professional society, administrator):

If you are you making a suggestion on behalf of an organization, please state the name of the organization: (optional)
Please tell us how you heard about the Effective Health Care Program: (optional)
Your name and contact information: (optional)
Your personal identification will not be displayed on the Web site, nor will it influence your nomination for Effective Health Care research. It will only be used to contact you for additional information about your nomination if necessary. It is not mandatory that you provide your contact information, but it is often helpful for us to contact the nominator when we need clarification about a research question.
May we contact you if we have questions about your nomination?

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