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Abstract - Final – Jan. 19, 2010

Advancing Measurement of Patient-Center Communication in Cancer Care

Topic Abstract

Background: This is a second phase project sponsored by AHRQ and the National Cancer Institute through the DEcIDE program. Phase I developed a framework for measuring patient-centered communication (PCC) in cancer care, including identifying measurement domains and subdomains for the following six functions (Epstein & Street, 2007): exchanging information, fostering healing relationships, recognizing and responding to emotions, managing uncertainty, making decisions, and enabling patient self-management.

Objectives: The goal of Phase II is to refine the Phase I framework; identify, develop, and test PCC measures; and create surveys for patients and healthcare professionals. These surveys will assess PCC in cancer care at the organizational and population levels.

Approach and Methods:
Refine Measurement Model / Scientific Evaluation Group (SEG): We will refine the PCC framework and, if necessary, map the existing domains/ subdomains to the refined model. This process will be guided by an independent SEG, and members will have expertise in clinical cancer communication, survey design, cognitive testing, and health care delivery and quality of care.
Develop and Test Measures: We will develop an inventory of PCC measures by examining published literature and soliciting expert and public input. We will then catalog the existing measurements, identify gaps, and develop new measurements as appropriate. Finally, we will test measurements with cancer patients (n=32) in various settings who have diverse cancer types and are in various stages of care.
Create Surveys: We will develop self-administered surveys for both patients and healthcare providers. The two patient surveys will (a) monitor quality of care in healthcare organizations and (b) capture population-level surveillance. The provider survey will assess clinicians’ PCC activities.

Expected date of completion: October 15, 2010

Epstein, RM, Street, RL Jr (2007). Patient-Centered Communication in Cancer Care: Promoting Healing and Reducing Suffering. National Cancer Institute, NIH Publication No. 07-6225. Bethesda, MD

Completed Outputs/ Published Reports: